Training and HR development

Training in demand at the airport

The Munich Airport Group is one of the largest training organizations in the region. School leavers interested in the airport can choose from 20 different apprenticeship and dual study options. 88 apprentices embarked upon their professional career at Munich Airport on September 1, 2016. This meant there were 274 young people taking part in apprenticeships Group-wide as of the reporting date of December 31. Flughafen München GmbH received a total of 1,671 applications to begin apprenticeships in 2017. At the same time, 38 young people completed their apprenticeships with FMG, 34 of whom went on to become fully fledged employees. A further 103 school-age and 128 university interns received their first insight into the world of airports, producing 25 project-related Bachelor’s and Master’s dissertations in the process.

The company’s twelve-month trainee program provides graduates with an insight into the structures and processes at the airport. FMG transforms up-and-coming talent into experts in a specific field, or trains them up for multi-disciplinary projects and in-house consultancy work. A mentoring program helps trainees to establish their own company-wide network.

Our outstanding status on a nationwide scale highlights our reputation as an exceptionally attractive employer, even beyond Bavaria’s state boundaries.

Ten years of the Bachelor of arts in air traffic management

Germany’s dual Bachelor program in air traffic management has been running for ten years, and Munich Airport played an important role in its development. Students complete placements at the Munich Airport Group and study theoretical aspects at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. The program aims to enable students to gain a comprehensive insight into economic and operational aspects of the aviation market. Since the launch of the program, around 50 young people have received a degree in air traffic management at Munich Airport. 386 high school graduates applied for the five places available on the course at FMG in 2016.

Committed to the next generation

«SchuleWirtschaft» working group for schools and businesses
In the «SchuleWirtschaft» working group, Flughafen München GmbH works alongside principals from local schools, other regional businesses, specialist tradespeople, and representatives from the employment agency. The aim of this voluntary network is to make the transition from school to working life easier for young people.

Training night
In fall 2016, the airport’s MAC Forum hosted its «Training night» event, under the motto «Discover your future». Members of the Group and other apprenticeship organizations at the airport gave a group of young people an introduction to over 50 different apprenticeships and study programs.

«Jugend forscht» (youth research) at the airport
As a mentor and one of the organizers of the regional research competition for young people «Jugend forscht – Schüler experimentieren», Munich Airport uses its role as one of the area’s largest employers of apprentices to support up-and-coming talent in the fields of mathematics, IT, science, and technology. In 2016, the event took place in March under the motto «Neues kommt von Neugierig» («Curiosity breeds innovation»).

P seminars
Work experience for schools: Munich Airport provides regular support to high schools in the area, helping them to design and run P seminars (a practical project about working life that is mandatory for certain types of schools in Germany). The aim of these projects is to help young people to advance their social skills and specialist expertise.

«Girls’ Day/Boys’ Day»
As part of the nationwide «Girls’ Day/Boy’s Day» initiative, over 130 school children visited Munich Airport in April 2016 to find out about the range of training opportunities available there. The girls were able to explore their prospects in the fields of manual skills, technology, IT, and science, while the boys gained an insight into careers in the areas of childcare, education, health, and social services.

Vocational training events and trade fairs
By way of vocational training events for schools, visiting universities, and taking part in trade fairs such as «Stuzubi» or «Vocatium», Munich Airport Group’s HR team provide school children from Munich and the area around the airport with information on the wide range of apprenticeships, internships, and dual study programs available at the airport.

The company’s training partner: Airport Academy

Skilled and motivated staff are essential for a company to meet its quality goals. Munich Airport therefore operates its own certified training center with just under 50 employees at the Airport Academy. The center offers a wide range of professional development options, mainly in the areas of human resources, management, aviation, and security. Over 30,000 participant training days document employees’ willingness to make the most of the newly designed professional development program as the basis for their career progression. The Airport Academy is also open to external customers, who are able to complete courses for example in aviation security, hazardous goods handling, and management skills, or receive their apron driver’s license.

Exchanging knowledge with other airports

The international exchange program once again proved to be very popular in 2016. Some 18 apprentices visited partner airports in Athens, Malta, and Vienna as part of the European mobility program «Erasmus+». A selected group of specialists and managers advanced their knowledge during trips to the company’s sister airports in Johannesburg and Bangkok. The international experience acquired helps employees develop as people, and Munich Airport progress as a business.

Further extension of the Leadership Excellence program

The Leadership Excellence program aims to improve management skills at Munich Airport. In 2016, around 230 members of management took part in 23 Leadership Excellence training modules.

Sister airports

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Flughafen München GmbH is the travel industry’s number one provider of apprenticeships

FMG finished way ahead of the pack in an independent employer study by the magazine Focus: FMG finished in first place from the 400 or so companies in the category for operations with 4,001 to 10,000 employees. In the overall ranking covering all industries, Munich Airport finished in 13th place. FMG was also awarded the title «Best provider of vocational training in Germany» for the «Logistics and transport» industry.

Professional development

Capitals Impact on capitals

– Costs for vocational and professional development measures: external professional development budget at FMG of 3.2 million euros

+ Airport Academy as an in-house training center

+ Ongoing advancement of knowledge among employees
+ Higher standard of leadership
+ Increased brand value

+ Personal and technical development
+ Improved employee satisfaction
+ Increased appeal as an employer

Not affected

+ Wide range of apprenticeships
+ High standard of service and quality at the airport