Strong neighbors – a strong location

With its 8,776 employees 1), Munich Airport Group is the second-largest employer at the site after Deutsche Lufthansa AG. For many years, the neighboring Freising job center region, which also covers the Dachau, Ebersberg, and Erding districts, has reported one of the lowest levels of unemployment in Germany. The average rate is 2.2 percent in Freising, practically corresponding to full employment and reflecting the significant importance of Munich Airport in the regional labor market in 2016.

1) Including apprentices, but excluding workers in marginal employment, temporary workers, interns, and AeroGround Berlin GmbH

An airport that makes an impact across the region

The various municipalities and administrative districts in Bavaria benefit from the ongoing employment boom at the airport. This was one of the outcomes revealed by the most recent employment survey, in 2015, which summarizes key information on staff development at the airport. The importance of the airport to the labor market in its direct surroundings is particularly striking: for instance, one quarter of all employment relationships subject to social security contributions in the districts of Freising and Erding are based at the airport. In total, almost 90 percent of all people in gainful employment at the airport are subject to social security contributions – significantly higher than the German average of 72 percent that the Federal Statistical Office states is the current rate.

Where airport staff live

Grafik: Wo die Airport-Mitarbeiter wohnen
Source: Employment survey 2015, percentages: change in comparison to 2012