Human resources strategy

Employer value proposition: a mutual commitment

What factors make Munich Airport one of the most appealing employers in the region? The answer can be found in the airport’s employer promise, which is based around its position as a brand. It demonstrates how the Munich Airport Group positions itself among its competitors to attract talented applicants on the labor market.

Specific objectives in terms of HR management

General goal Initial situation/challenge Measures and outcome
Covering HR requirements
  • Staff requirements for the Munich Airport Group between 2012 and 2017: around 2,500 new employees (50 percent new jobs, 50 percent replacement staff), primarily in IT, engineering, building management, safety, retail, catering, and security
  • Updated training options
  • Over 1,500 new jobs by the end of 2016
  • Ten years of the Bachelor’s program in air traffic management (50 graduates at FMG since 2006
Increasing efficiency
  • Level of absence caused by sickness remains an important factor for increasing efficiency
  • Cultivation of efficient employment conditions
  • Improvements to occupational medical services and in-house health management
  • Annual review of pay-scale provisions and company agreements to identify potential for improvement
  • Closer integration of subsidiaries into HR management processes and key performance indicator reports at FMG
Increasing employer attractiveness
  • Fiercely contested labor marke
  • Demographic change
  • Very low unemployment rates in the districts of Erding and Freising
  • Attractive working conditions
  • Enabling and safeguarding equal opportunities
  • Record bonus for income generated by FMG in 2015
  • Reduction to the proportion of temporary workers at AeroGround subsidiary to a maximum of five percent
  • Increase to the proportion of women in management
Establishing excellent leadership
  • Leadership as a crucial indicator for employee retention and for reaching corporate goals
  • Increasingly complex requirements for managers
  • Employee meetings
  • Leadership Excellence program:
    • New training modules, for example «Putting the new premium service culture into practice» and «Future airport»
    • High participant rates

Farsighted HR policy

Munich Airport believes in the importance of an HR policy that not only focuses on people but also the company’s future. The HR concept, which is focused on long-term development, is therefore geared towards current business conditions and the corporate strategy, as well as social megatrends such as demographic change, diversity, individualization, mobility, health, and education. The HR strategy sets out important objectives for human resources management, which are reviewed annually and adjusted as required.

    The employer’s promise

  • The excitement of the airport
    The diversity of the airport is similar to the diversity of a small town – by working together, all of the employees in our «airport city» help the campus to light up, day in, day out.
  • Exhilarating challenges
    The working environment at Munich Airport is diverse, covers a wide range of disciplines, and changes all the time – no matter what your field of work, the airport has opportunities for almost anyone.
  • One big airport family
    Employees from a number of different countries work in the Munich Airport Group – the reason the company is doing so well is that every member of the airport family works as a team player.
  • Reliable connections
    The airport bears a special type of responsibility for its employees – as well as financial success, employees’ interests are also at the heart of the entire Group.