Community engagement

The airport supports an array of regional projects

As a responsible neighbor, FMG has spent more than 20 years supporting various institutions and initiatives in its local region that reach large groups of people and have a sustainable impact. Over 700 projects in the fields of education, social welfare, sports, and culture benefit from financial support and material donations. Munich Airport is actively involved in integrating young refugees into the labor market. In fall 2016, young people were given the chance to learn more about working in the catering and hotel business at a «Gastronomy workshop». During the event, they also gained initial practical experience, and performed preparation specifically for interviews and internships. This campaign was set up in a collective effort with the «Turning tables» integration initiative and the «Euro Trainings Center (ETC)» and Kolping educational institutes. Several of the young people who took part in the event went on to enter an internship or apprenticeship.

The airport’s charitable association – recognized for its reliability and responsibility

In 2016, the airport’s charitable association Flughafenverein München e. V. celebrated its 20th anniversary, an event which coincided with it receiving the most important seal of approval available to German charities. The association has now joined around 230 other organizations who bear the «DZI seal of approval», evidence that an association handles all of its donations carefully and responsibly. As well as making a number of anonymous donations and helping sick children’s dreams come true, the airport association also supports local young people, senior citizens, and refugees, as well as regularly taking part in projects outside Germany. For instance, it transported 15 tonnes of charitable donations to Latvia and also provided hospitals and hospices in Ukraine and Romania with some much-needed medical equipment and donations in kind.

700 projects

benefit from the airport’s support as a sponsoring partner