Digital products and channels

Technical infrastructure

Partnerships and cooperation

Organization and culture

Digital strategy

Capitals Impact on capitals

+ New business model and potential sources of revenue
- Costs of development and implementation plus running costs

+ Added value thanks to connectivity and digitization

+ Gaining and developing the relevant expertise
+ Increased level of automation
+ More effective IT support for business processes

+ Added appeal as an advanced company

+ Streamlinded workflows and processes

+ Cutting-edge experience for customers and visitors
+ Higher standard of travel and time at the airport

Digitization at the airport means developing and providing services that are tailor-made to suit the individual needs of passengers, business partners, and visitors. By introducing innovative services throughout the travel chain, Munich Airport is increasing the quality of its offering, and therefore tackling the challenges of digital transformation.

Current digital services at the airport

  • Virtual tour: Using innovative 360-degree photographic technology, visitors can explore the airport even before they have arrived. Munich is the first airport in the world to provide this type of 3D images. High-tech camera trolleys recorded almost 300,000 square meters of space in the MAC, the two terminals, and the satellite building, before converting this data into digital images. For more information see
  • Bundle for transfer passengers: Depending on the length of time they spend at the airport and their personal interests, passengers can enjoy custom-made packages containing catering, shopping, relaxation, and wellness offers. The time needed to go through passport and security checks is factored into how the offers are selected.
  • Lounge shopping service: Lufthansa lounge guests can save money on selected products at Terminal 2 shops thanks to a range of coupons available online.
  • InnovationPilot: To enable customer needs to be met even more fully in future, the airport launched InnovationPilot – a new crowdsourcing platform – in 2016. This platform enables the company to collaborate with end customers and business partners to identify innovative areas of action and develop specific ideas, thereby improving the overall customer experience.

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Beacons as hubs of information

Working with selected airlines, Munich Airport tested the use of «Beacons» in a special pilot project. These beacons are miniature radio transmitters that send carefully selected, relevant information to passengers’ smartphones via Bluetooth – for instance, they can find out when their luggage arrives on the conveyor for pick-up, or which products are on special offer at a shop nearby.

Travellers Insight

Selected bloggers write articles about new destinations and lesser-known travel hotspots on behalf of the airport – including inside information gained first-hand.

For more information see

The digital journey through Munich Airport

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