An average of 40 percent lower specific CO2 emissions per square meter of gross floor area than in the terminal

16 retail outlets
7 restaurants and cafés
3 duty-free areas

7,000 square meters of service, shopping and catering outlets

17,000 LED lights

Construction of the T2 Satellite

Capitals Impact on capitals

+ Income from operations
- Investments in construction
- Ongoing operating costs

+ Capacity expansion
+ Updating the infrastructure
+ Additional services

+ Growth during project development, construction and launch

+ More jobs

- Increased emissions resulting from construction
+ Lower emissions than in older buildings during operation
+ Reduction in emissions due to the aircraft stands being close to the building

+ Increased airport value
+ Increased appeal, new services

The T2 satellite building launched in 2016 offers full passenger comfort and functional efficiency. Striking architecture and a wide array of catering and retail options guarantee the highest standards of quality for travelers to Germany’s first mid-field terminal.

The next chapter in a success story

The building is known as a «satellite» because it does not have its own landside access. This means that local passengers still have to go to Terminal 2 to access all standard services, such as check-in, baggage drop and baggage collection.

Key data

Capacity for

11 million

additional passengers







aircraft stands

Architecture & innovation

State-of-the-art construction materials, innovative technology and unique architecture in the T2 satellite set new standards with respect to the environment and energy efficiency.

  • Average CO2 emissions per square meter of gross floor area are 40 percent lower than in the terminal
  • Climate facade: insulation based on the thermos bottle principle
  • Advanced air source technology
  • Daylight-style LED lighting
  • Pre-Conditioned-Air-Anlagen an allen gebäudenahen Abstellpositionen

Impressions of the satellite building



A high-performance airport with good connections worldwide is invaluable to the State of Bavaria, its residents and its economy.

Relax & refresh

  • Five Lufthansa lounges with a total floor area of over 4,000 square meters
  • The world’s first Lufthansa lounge roof terrace with views over the apron
  • Around 375,000 guests in 2016
Passengers can browse the web for free and with no time limit.
Before or after a long flight: passengers can freshen up by taking a shower.
The terminal is equipped with sockets and USB ports.
TV areas in relaxation rooms make waiting times go by faster.

Balance sheet since opening


6 million





Passenger transport system

  • Travel time of 60 seconds
  • A tunnel of 400 meters
  • Almost 11,000 passengers per hour in each direction