Real Estate

Successful development and marketing of the airport as a location for real estate

The Real Estate business division develops, markets, and runs all of FMG’s property and real estate, some of which is located outside of the airport campus. Sustainable new-build concepts and city-style infrastructure form the basis for successful positioning on the market. One of the central component’s of the airport’s real estate strategy is its building management concept based around a property’s life cycle. When it comes to developing real estate, Munich Airport places particular importance on working closely with the region and offering products and services suitable for specific target groups.

Through targeted real estate development, the airport is expected to evolve into an international hub for multi-sector collaboration and innovation over the coming years and decades.

New living space for employees

FMG is working closely with its neighboring communities to plan socially viable living concepts for employees working on the campus, using the airport’s own land. The objective behind this commitment is to ease pressure on the local real estate market. Furthermore, Munich Airport is constantly on the lookout for partnerships with various stakeholders in the residential property market. It is currently involved in project talks in Munich and the area around the airport in an effort to assess options for additional living space.

Developments at AirSite West

AirSites: attractive real estate locations with specific development sites

  • The AirSite Center forms the commercial heart of Munich Airport and is home to Terminal 1, München Airport Center (MAC), and the Hilton Munich Airport hotel.
  • Along with the Terminal 2 gates, AirSite East is also home to the satellite building for Terminal 2, with a floor area of more than 125,000 square meters.
  • The AirSite South and AirSite North projects are located directly between Terminals 1 and 2, providing airlines with all-important direct access to the gates. With a gross floor area of around 55,000 square meters, they could be used for cutting-edge offices and conference facilities.
  • Plans for the around 50-hectare AirSite West site feature a new urban center with huge potential for development. The urban-inspired design will form the basis for premium amenities and successful business. Offices, commercial property, logistics centers, restaurants, and hotels – a diverse mix of units in a lively and spacious neighborhood.

The concept for the AirSite West area to the west of the Visitors Park features several ideas, including the construction of several new office buildings and the relocation of the Airport Academy into a modern new building. The plans for the area will be included in a Europe-wide call for tender in 2017. Overall site development, including traffic planning, is also due to start in 2017 in order to ensure requirements for the use of the AirSite West land and buildings are fulfilled.

The airport as a real estate location – central axes