Top five measures in the sustainability program

Material topics Initiatives Measures Status 2016 Measure ends
Biodiversity Establishing and enhancing environmental management A voluntary butterfly project as part of the Bavarian Environmental Pact (developing and implementing species support measures for selected species of butterfly on FMG premises) 20 % 2020
Noise emissions and noise protection Accepting responsibility for pollution resulting from air traffic Designing and enhancing a noise protection strategy (active noise protection, flying procedures e.g. CDO, flight paths, landing fees, passive noise protection, noise protection programs) 50 % 2020
Greenhouse gas (CO2) and air pollutant emissions Becoming climate-neutral by 2030 Developing a concept to increase the use of regenerative energy from photovoltaic systems 5 % 2019
Converting exterior lighting and navigation lighting on the apron to LED technology 25 % 2022
E-mobility: expanding charging infrastructure and procuring additional electric vehicles 10 % 2019