In-house reduction measures



60% In-house reduction measures

  • Energy supply
  • Vehicle pool/mobility
  • Airport-specific equipment
  • Building technology

40% Compensation

  • Development of in-house climate projects at the site
  • Support for local climate projects
  • Gold Standard certification

Climate protection strategy

Capitals Impact on capitals

+ Savings due to the early implementation of measures for increasing efficiency
– Expenses (that cannot be directly refinanced)

+ Added appeal on the real estate market
+ Added comfort for the user

+ Pioneering role
+ Expansion of the pool of knowledge through the development of suitable measures
+ Impulse for new ideas

+ Increased employer attractiveness

+ Lower CO2 emissions
+ Increased environmental awareness among customers and other companies thanks to the airport’s pioneering role

+ Better acceptance
+ Positive effect on image as a «corporate citizen» thanks to regional measures
+ Long-term commitment
+ Attainment of goals set out in policies

Munich Airport will be the first German airport to have carbon-neutral operations, and will do so by 2030. This ambitious climate protection goal involves the airport using a wide array of technical steps to reduce the CO2 emissions that can be attributed directly to its operations by 60 percent by 2030. It will then balance out the remaining 40 percent with suitable projects that in as far as possible will take place within the region. The Munich Airport Group will invest a total of 150 million euros by 2030 for this climate protection program.

«Guide and Influence»

Munich Airport is working towards cutting third-party emissions on the airport campus over the long term (Scope 3). To help it achieve this, FMG has developed a series of «Guide and influence» measures: collaborations, climate alliances, or financial incentives (such as emissions-based landing charges) aim to help companies based at the airport and their customers to reduce CO2 emissions.

Fields of action for reducing carbon, Scopes 1 & 2

By increasing its efficiency and applying technical innovations, FMG is set to reduce CO2 emissions by 60 percent.

Thinking about the future today

Munich Airport’s new climate protection strategy relates to Scopes 1 and 2, meaning that it is geared towards all emissions that FMG is able to impact directly.

Carbon targets

Our aim of enabling the operation of our 5-star airport to become carbon-neutral means we are setting the course for sustainable and resource-efficient aviation.

Exemplary measures

Division Measure Estimated potential savings per year
Energy supply Increased use of renewable energy 50,000 t of CO2
Building technology Improved use of energy in new construction projects 30,000 t of CO2
Vehicle pool/mobility Expansion of electromobility 11,000 t of CO2
Airport-specific equipment Switch to LED technology for navigation lighting on the runways 4,000 t of CO2